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Tennessee Medicare Supplements

Tennessee Medicare Supplement

When folks first come to us for help in searching for a Tennessee Medicare supplement we often find they are in one of 3 situations:

1) They are aging into Medicare at age 65 or are coming off an employer-sponsored plan after age 65.
2) They currently have a Tennessee Medicare supplement but feel they are paying too much and want to see if they can get a better deal.
3) They have had Medicare Parts A & B but have never purchased a Tennessee Medigap policy.

In any of these cases, we have a solution:

Are you new to Medicare whether at age 65 or after age 65 due to being on an employer-sponsored health plan and need to get Tennessee Medicare Supplement Quotes?

If you are electing to take Medicare Part B coverage for the first time you will have some options available to you for limited to no medical underwriting for a period of time (usually 3-6 months after your birth month or the qualifying event date). In some cases you can choose any Medigap plan you would like. While in others you may be limited to guaranteed issue for just a few plans. In order to understand your situation and options available please call us at (877) 363-3442.

Did you recently get a rate increase from your current Tennessee Medicare supplement company and feel you are now paying too much for your Tennessee Medigap policy?

Once you have made the decision to purchase a Tennessee Medicare Supplement policy you will likely very much appreciate your Medicare Supplement provider’s customer service and claims-paying practice but may have issues with rate increases. Because of the way Medicare and Medicare supplement company’s claims are paid my customers very rarely have claims issues and the only real reason my client’s switch Medicare supplement companies is because we’re able to find a much better rate from another company for the exact same coverage. Once you are educated on Medicare supplements and realize they are standardized from company-to-company you’ll realize that you can occasionally shop for better rates. (For example, a Plan F from one company is going to work identically to a Plan F from another company). We help our clients not only find their initial policy but we re-evaluate on an annual basis. Our exclusive Medicare Supplement quote tool allows us to determine within seconds if there is another company that will offer a better rate than your current provider and, if so, allow you determine if it’s enough to switch.

Have you had Medicare Part A & B only and not a Tennessee Medigap policy for longer than 6 months?

If this is the case you will likely be subject to medical underwriting with most Tennessee Medigap insurance companies and it may limit your choices on which plan you can take. Although Tennessee Medicare supplement companies tend to have much more lenient underwriting guidelines than that of companies providing under 65 health insurance you will still be best served to discuss your pre-existing health conditions with one of our Medigap agents.

Regardless of your situation, if you’re in the market for a Tennessee Medicare supplement policy we’re confident we’ll be able to educate you on your options and ensure you’re getting the best price available. Furthermore, we will continue to monitoring pricing on an ongoing basis and will evaluate whether it makes sense to switch companies to obtain a better price. In our experience, when we initially place our clients with the lowest priced plan available it does not make sense to switch to another company for 5-7 years.

Allow one of our Tennessee Medigap agents to work with you and you can ensure that you understand how Tennessee Medicare and Medicare Supplements work and that you get the best pricing available to you from the start and for years to come. We’re only compensated for as long as you’re with us which ensures we have your best interest in mind and will always work to keep your rates down as much as possible. Give us a try by calling us at (877) 363-3442 or completing the Tennessee Medicare Supplement Quote Form by Clicking Here.

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